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Taksim Hotels

Istanbul is a city with a very special part in some of the Asian continent and the continent of Europe and the only city in the middle of the Bosphorus and the sea. Istanbul around too
big and thick walls and surrounded by the city of Istanbul has been a very sheltered. The oldest structure built in Istanbul airport transfers Hippodrome Istanbul OldCity There. Istanbul Hippodrome horse races and gladiator fights Olympics were held here. Egyptian obelisk and the Serpentine Column 2 for Hippodrome was introduced. And finally used as Hippodrome arena was built by the Ottoman Sultan as a gift fountain german German emperor.

The Hippodrome Ottoman Emperor Sultan Magnificrnt which was built by his wife Hürrem Sultan Suleyman had Turkistan baths. Hürrem very luxury bath And very beautiful. Hürrem Turkish baths were very nice in front of the tea garden. Here tea and watching the scenery with OldCity Istanbul Hagia Sophia We drank Turkish coffee. Hürrem Baths were right next to the Blue Mosque. The seven years here by Sultan Ahmed by architect Mehmet Efendi Sedefkar It is made. Blue Mosque of Istanbul is very nice especially renikl of blue Iznik ceramic with 6 pieces of very slender minarets and has a great courtyard.

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TROY - Anzac

The city of Troy in Çanakkale are limits here, we went to a very nice vibe with open-air museum in Troy vehicles. Troy very large open-air museum since 1970
excavation and restoration work is done. The goods in adhering sculptures are exhibited in the memorial tombs excavated Troy museum located here. Troy open-air museum
It spreads over a wide area and if you are here consists of 9 different layers. The izmir airport transfers first layer is the last layer in a castle which is 90 meters wide, very beautiful and ancient Greek
A city built at the time of the Roman Empire. Troy is as old as mankind has produced numerous documentaries and history programs magazines and books about Troy. Troy
There is finally about to play with Brad Pitt film Troy in 2002 and a statue of the meat used in the movie Troy is exhibited in canakkale seaside park. Troy
The first written source about Hemeros Iley is described in the saga. Here enters the gate with soldiers who secretly hid the horse HEYKA castle.
Then they opened the door and outside the military fortress located in Troy and army troops came in from the castle door and the side winning the war happen.

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Cappadocia Tours

Newseh is in the province is protected as an area protected by UNESCO here. Special cave hotel in Cappadocia with VIP cars here we went. Cave Hotel in Urgup in the world is there are just too large spacious rooms here. special cave hotel is warm in winter and cool in summer natural There is a ventilation system. Cappadocia istanbul airport transfers Our first tour guide told us very detailed information about the formation of cappadocia. Cappadocia is Hasan mountain
evaporate and cool the lava formed by the action of rain and wind. Assets which are very beautiful valley and the valley Pasabag.

The course is spectacular, we went to Goreme open-air museum, and here are many fairy chimneys and cave. People lived here and religious practices They did. Reserved cave inside the church, which is decorated with many beautiful paintings and mosaics of Jesus and Mary. We went to the town of Avanos, where the Turkey works selling crafts and souvenirs shops are available. Especially hand-woven rugs made of silk and wool rugs are sold here.
Men and women clothes made of pure silk ornaments, together sold here. Finally, we went to the fortress and this is the tip of Cappadocia's highest peak and has fantastic views.

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